About Us

Tianjin TianMao is one of the leading suppliers in Steroids and Hormones in China. With more than ten years experience serving our customers, the dedication in GMP compliance and conforming to regulatory requirements from 1995, we aim to provideour customers the best business solution.
As an Expert of Steroids in China, Our Strength:

  • cGMP Compliance
  • DMF,EDMF or COS Support
  • State-of-the-art Multifunctional Production Facilities and special plants
  • Custom or Contract Manufacturing(OEM)
  • Kilos to Multi-tons Quantities
  • Milligrams to Kilograms Custom Synthesis
  • Route Scouting & Design,lab-test,pilot-trial and Scale-up
  • Analytical Methods Development
  • High-quality generic APIs with reasonable price

Our Vision
Be a competitive, flexible and dynamic supplier, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements.



  • Understanding of Market - Market is always moving and improving. Steroids and Hormones is a special category of Pharmaceuticals. As a result of profound market experiences,we have been following this market from the very beginning starting raw materials to the latest new molecules. At the same time leep in compliance with all regulatory requirements.
  • Teamwork - Working in harmonious team, focused on common goals, with a strong personal commitment through effective communication. Our main asset is our team of professionals and we deem our team the most excellent one.
  • Service - We and our customers should share the same concept of values. By our efforts, our marketign team is not only selling products, but also adding value for customers. we will always provide the best service as well as the quality goods for our customer to accept. Further more, we sincerely invite you to build together the most comprehensive One Stop Sourcing Platform for Steroids and Hormones!

General Situation

  • Facilities - As all the Chinese manufacturers move forward to the international level, the facilities we utilize have been gradually improved from the original chemical setting into the cGMP complied settings. Big input on the hardware is the basic insurance of quality.
  • GMP - All the workershops are to be GMP certified by State Authority end of 2004 or early 2005. A lot of efforts have been put on stuff training to reach GLP, GSP also. We also provide GMP compliance training, MDF compilation training to other companies.
  • R&D - R&D in the key to future. It is based on our long history and accumulation in the steroids an dhormones products, we have been following closely the latest requirements in the industry. There are also external services under contract, for example with some top Universities in China.
  • Partners - With an open attitude, to better satisfy the different requirements of customers, we join hands with the main manufacturers in the same circle. Through different ways of cooperations, we aim to build the most comprehensive one stop sourcign platform for our customers.